Yoga literally means union or a state when you experience everything as one in your consciousness. It simply makes you in a perfect tune. In the state of yoga body, mind and energy all are found in absolute harmony. By practicing yoga you can keep your mind and body at the highest possible peak of enthusiasm of work and capability.

Yoga does not mean just some physical postures that are difficult or impossible. There are many ways or types of yoga to attain this unity. But questions is how to find the best one or the right type of yoga for you? For example:

In yoga many yogis talk about four realities of life: body, mind, emotion and energy. These four levels provide the base for every happening that you wish:

  1. Emotions to reach the goal, BHAKTI YOGA, path of devotion
  2. Intelligence to reach the goal, GNANA YOGA, path of intelligence
  3. Body or Physical actions to reach the goal, KARMA YOGA, path of action
  4. Transforms your energies to reach the goal, KRIYA YOGA, internal action

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