Yoga Rules

Twisting, turning, chanting and sitting like a statue and chanting your body like pretzels is not yoga. The question is what is yoga?, and what are its basic rules, mythes, Etiquette, dos and don’ts  to be follow for its exact working.

You should know that yoga is a holistic system of refining the body, mind and soul. Its ultimate results are peace and bliss. It is a great exercise includes workout as well as spiritual and meditative practice.

You can control your emotions with psychological effects of yoga through concentration and relaxation. By making your body in a state of equilibrium, yoga will strengthen your endocrine system also. Some Yoga specialist says that yoga is the only way through which you can get your highest aim in life, if it is practised according to its basic rules.

Neglecting any rule it is not possible to get ultimate results and it may also cause a severe damage to any of your body part or will disturb you mentally. Before starting Yoga practice you should know about the basic knowledge of Yoga. It will add much more value to your yoga if it is practised with the knowledge of DO’s and DON’Ts.

Although there aren’t truly any strict laws or rules for a yoga class but some cautions that are appreciated while doing yoga. Here are yoga basic rules, laws, Etiquette, DO’s and DON’Ts.


  1. Go to bed early, have a sound sleep and get up early in the morning. Wash mouth and teeth thoroughly.
  2. Take a bath and start yoga in fasting mode.( But wait for bath if you want to take bath after Yoga practice.)
  3. Take a liquid diet after an hour and a full meal at least after 3 to 5 hours.
  4. Choose a leveled floor. If you are practicing yoga in a room than open doors and windows for fresh air and light. However it is advised that yoga practice will be more benefited if it is done at a place where the morning rays of the sun falls directly.
  5. Use a carpet or a clean cloth. Direct sitting on the ground or on cement or morter floor is prohibited.
  6. Start yoga practice by facing east or north in the morning. If you are practicing yoga in the evening than face west or south.
  7. Don’t haste or exhaust while practicing yoga, be calm and relaxed. If you are tired, rest. Do the comfortable postures.
  8. Do the practice on regular basis and at the same time. Changing time or irregularities may not prove better.
  9.  Concentrate just on yoga while you are on practice, keep youself away from other thoughts. Be patient for the  concentration.
  10. If you feel during or after yoga practice urination, do it first, it will relax your mind and body. Similarly you should not suppress the sneezing or cough etc. Even if you are feeling thirsty you can drink water but in a little quantity.
  11. Sweating should be dried in the air automatically, but if it is not than you can wipe it with cloth or with your palms.
  12. Control your breath during yoga practice and instantly after finishing a posture. Lay on your back after finishing a posture and relax for 3 to 5 minutes. Take breath easily and relax yourself.
  13. Don’t make sudden moves that is prohibited during practice. Make your body move slowly for every postures. Sudden movement may cause damage or inner injuries


  1. Regular yoga practice should be avoid during mensuration and pregnancy except after advice from a Yoga teacher.
  2. Yoga shouldn’t practice after having a large meal.
  3. Don’t take shower instantly after the yoga practice, at least wait for half an hour.
  4. Patients should do this exercise after consultation to their experts. Severe illness, operations may damage your health, bandages, fractures or stitches.
  5. Don’t do a tough exercise just after completing your yoga practice.
  6. Unclean, smoky and stinking smell areas are not suitable for yoga practice.
  7. In storms, winds and unsafe places are also not recommended for yoga practice.

Some clearcut instructions to the yoga practitioners:

  1. Turn Off Your Cell Phone and other electronics
  2. Be Clean.  Cleanliness will enhance your atmosphere more attractive and you will be relaxed. 
  3. Don’t Be Late. Always arrive on time
  4. Tell The Instructor About Your Injuries
  5. Focus on Your Breath / loud breathing
  6. Bring a Yoga Mat
  7. Wear Comfortable clothing 
  8. Don’t chat with your neighbour
  9. Don’t step on my mat, please!
  10. Don’t Stagger
  11.  Don’t Nap during yoga, be fresh.
  12.  Embrace Bare Feet. Don’s use socks 
  13.  You will not be stable in standing poses if you come on the mat by weaing socks.
  14. No-comparison and No-judgment
  15. Show Up to Class
  16. Bring a Sense of Humor
  17. Stay Relaxed
  18. Taking modification 
  19.  Know your place in the yoga class
  20.  Question? Ask quietly.
  21.  Be Nice
  22. Save your applause

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