What Is Yoga

You have heard about yoga. If not, must2care will explain you about it completely and it’s amazing effects on your life and daily routine. Many people think that YOGA is only a physical exercise. But it has gained popularity in recent decades. It has become a very common term in the West as well as many other parts of the world today. Yoga controls the activities of your mind. It is a spiritual science of self realization. Yoga classes are now found virtually and physically in your neighborhood. User on homepage

Basically the yoga is a (traditional Hindu) spiritual or a tough discipline which is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It is an infinite spirit that moves you towards a practical reality where you find the ultimate nature of the existence of the body and environment sometime through bodily postures. Awareness is the secret of YOGA. It reveals the beauty and intelligence within you. It works with the energy in your body to relax your body, mind and soul.

It could be a simple practice, an exercise for health, an art or just an entertainment for recreational purpose. It controls breathing system by simple meditation or by adopting some specific body postures. Yoga is a complete path by itself. It brings you to the ultimate reality or union or connection with God to some extent. This superficial science unfolds the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. In other words you can say that whatever you do will become yoga if you do it with awareness.

But as we said above that it is a complete path by itself. By practicing the step by step methods of YOGA you will get your emotional grounds. You will know the oneness with the infinite intelligence, power and joy which give life to all of these. A person’s energy locked inside his body.  Yoga makes you able to experience the actual truth of your mind and soul.

Yoga have various paths of practice. Every path leads towards some desirable goal because each path specialized and comprehensive system:

  • HATHA YOGA: A system of physical postures.
  • KARMA YOGA: Selfless service to others. 
  • MANTRA YOGA: Centering the consciousness.
  • BHAKTI YOGA: All surrendering devotion.
  • JNANA YOGA: The path of wisdom.
  • RAJA YOGA: The royal path of yoga.

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